Pat Riley Puts Blame On Chris Bosh Over Communication Breakdown



It’s been a rough summer for Heat fans. Pat Riley, the General Manager who is loved in South Beach and hated by just about everyone else, turned his own fans against him when he pushed Dywane Wade out the door after an entire career’s worth of service, all in the interest of saving money. Things got worse when the organization announced it was moving on from the last remaining member of the Big Three, Chris Bosh.

After announcing they were moving on from Bosh and his health issues, Bosh put out a video attacking the Heat organization. He said that he found out he’d been released through the media, and didn’t receive as much as a phone call or text from the organization.

Now Pat Riley is firing back. Here’s what he said in an interview about the situation with the Miami Herald’s Manny Navarro.

Riley also claims that the door is still open for a conversation between him and Bosh, though that’s pretty unlikely to happen at this point. Bosh and the Heat will still have to meet at some point to discuss the financial details of their separation, and you can expect that it won’t be a pleasant conversation.

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