Refs Take Excessive Celebration Penalty Controversy To New Heights With Absurd Call On Josh Norman



The NFL has come under a lot of fire on a wide range of issues in recent years. Some are very serious, like CTE concerns and domestic violence issues. Others are more mild, like excessive celebration penalties.

The NFL is in the business of creating spectacle out of a game, with 80,000 fans showing up in person and millions more watching from home. It seems crazy to some that they would actively punish players for celebrating during the game. There’s a fine line between celebration and taunting, but the NFL seems to err on the side of banning all celebration.

That criticism is sure to continue after the insane penalty Josh Norman received on Sunday. Norman made his first interception as a Washington Redskin, and when he got to the sideline, he celebrated by miming the motion of drawing and firing an arrow from a bow. The refs threw flags immediately.

The ref even specifically calls Norman out for a “bow and arrow” celebration. The NFL rulebook has a huge list of celebratory moves that are banned, but firing a fake bow and arrow into the air isn’t among them. Not only was the call unnecessary, as Norman was already off the field, but it was over something that isn’t even banned by the league.

Expect to see more and more of these kinds of penalties every week as the NFL tries harder and harder to stomp any fun out of the game.

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