Ryback Revealed A Intense Situation With WWE Involving The Undertaker



It has been a few weeks since Ryback made the decision to leave the WWE. He has since been more open about his stay with the company. In a recent interview with Conversation With The Big Guy, Ryback discussed an incident that he had with The Undertaker early in his WWE career.

“I remember Undertaker came down to FCW and [Pat Buck was] here for this at this point. And CM Punk, actually, was there, with Taker. And I spent a bunch of money on, a got a new Ryback outfit made and I was all geeked up and jazzed up to, I had a promo cut on The Undertaker for Ryback and it was a weird thing having him just sitting there staring at you as you’re in the ring cutting a promo on him. And you’re like, ‘who’s this guy?’ Do you know what I mean? But I just thought it was, I put my heart and soul into it. And I remember afterwards, I think Taker didn’t approve of it or something. Yeah, I think that’s what [Undetaker] said, that it was too 80s, which is funny looking back. Absolutely. And at that point, when you’re in developmental, you just f–king get critiqued left and right. That’s the name of the game and you just take it. And everything happened for a good reason and all that, but when you get a guy like The Undertaker saying something like that, changes have to be made.”

At that time, Ryback was still in the developmental stage of character with the WWE. The criticism that he received from The Undertaker helped him shape who he would be in the ring with the company. When a legend in the professional wrestling world speaks following their advice is often the right plan of action to take.

That said, many have made comparisons to Goldberg because of his look and mannerisms in the ring. This may have led to him no longer being promoted as one of the top-billed wrestlers in the company because his gimmick had run its course. All in all, this has provided some more interesting insight on his career with the WWE.

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