Sami Zayn Has His Eyes on Wrestling One WWE Superstar



In the last few weeks, Brock Lesnar has become a hot topic of discussion in the WWE universe, and not for the reason many would think. He has been the top wrestler that many of his colleagues want to face. According to an interview with Wrestling Compadres Slamcast, Sami Zayn can be added to that list.

I’ve been beat up pretty badly back in my day. I have been in the ring with Kevin Owens for about 12  years, I’m used to getting beat up. Obviously Brock has done his damage, I’m sure I can get a good shot or two, and I believe it’s all about putting on a compelling match, and I believe that would happen with the two of us.

Zayn is one of the most established wrestlers on the WWE main roster that has had a successful career on the independent circuit. He followed that up on NXT eventually winning the NXT championship. Although he has yet to win any title since joining the main roster, he’s one of the rising stars in the business.

A match between Zayn and Lesnar would be an entertaining bout because of the contrast of styles. Zayn is a strong performer in the ring, and Lesnar has built his reputation on his brute force. It’s certainly something that could happen at some point down the line.

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