Steve Kerr Is Sick Of Long NBA Pre-Seasons



For several seasons now, the players of the NBA have been asking for shorter seasons. 82 games in a 9 month period of high level basketball is ridiculously tough on their bodies, and it leads to lots of injuries. The league isn’t interested in cutting games, but Adam Silver has suggested that cutting pre-season games might be a solution.

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr is fully on board. He doesn’t like the long pre-season, especially given that some of his key players like Steph Curry are particularly prone to injury. Via the San Francisco Chronicle:

I kind of like the idea that’s been tossed around the last couple summers to start the regular season a little earlier, maybe a week early. Play five exhibition games instead of eight. I kind of like that, just so you have fewer back-to-backs in the regular season.”

Kerr is already planning on limiting play time for his key players throughout the season, even if it means they lose a few more games. After losing Steph Curry in the playoffs last season, Kerr is particularly focused on keeping his players in good health.

“A month is usually enough time to get their legs underneath them. The starters will be ready to play 30-plus minutes in the regular season.”

The Warriors play their first pre-season game against the Los Angeles Clippers on October 4th.

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