The Clippers Owner Is Willing To Do What It Takes To Keep These Two Players



Next year is a major crossroads for the Los Angeles Clippers. The franchise will see it’s too biggest players enter free agency. Blake Griffin and Chris Paul will likely both elect to take their player options, worth $21 and $24.2 million respectively, and pursue larger contracts when the salary cap rises again next year.

The Clippers will either have to shell out a ton of money, or lose the two players that have made them a relevant and imposing force in the West. Doc Rivers has already stated that the organization has no plans to trade Griffin, so he’ll either be given a huge new contract or allowed to walk. Paul’s future is less clear.

But owner Steve Ballmer wants to put fans worries to rest. In an interview with ESPN, he confirmed that the Clippers will do “whatever it takes” to keep both Griffin and Paul. The two players are huge money earners for the team, both in terms of jersey sales and on the court success.

Despite the undeniable talent of both, and DeAndre Jordan, the trio has yet to shake the stigma surrounding the franchise. In the 6 years they’ve played together, the trio has made consistent playoff appearances, but has yet to make it to the Western Conference Finals. Clearly Ballmer and Rivers envision the trio doing big things together, but they’re going to need to make that happen if they don’t want to waste hundreds of millions of dollars on players that won’t get them to new heights.

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