The Pelicans Can’t Stop Buddy Hield From Staying At The Gym All Night



Some players have a lot of natural talent that propels them to success. Players like LeBron James undoubtedly train hard, but the natural athleticism and physicality those players possess are a huge part of their success. Other players spend every waking moment in the gym, trying to get better. Kobe was famous for showing up earlier and leaving later than everyone on his team.

It looks like you can add rookie Buddy Hield to the second category. Hield was this year’s lotto draft pick from the New Orleans Pelicans. He was barely recruited out of high school, but got a chance to play college ball for 4 years with the University of Oklahoma. He didn’t start out strong, but he practiced harder than everyone else and by his senior year, he led the nation in scoring, was the best three shooter and took his team to the Final Four.

Any team would be thrilled to get a dedicated player like that. But apparently his dedication is a little too extreme for the Pelicans. Here’s what Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry said about him:

Having a guy who stays in the gym until you have to physically kick him out is maybe the best problem to have as a head coach. And it’s not like he didn’t know what he was in for. Hield first made headlines when it was revealed that his pre-game “warm up” consisted of 4-5 hours of shooting practice before every game. That’s borderline insanity. If he keeps that up in the NBA, he’ll spend 400 hours a season just doing warm up shots. The Pelicans got a good one in this guy.

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