Tim Tebow Silences The Haters With His First At-Bat In Professional Baseball Career



Tim Tebow has had a very interesting career. He was one of the most dominant players in college football history, leading his team to multiple national championships. In his rookie year, he had a successful stint in Denver, even winning a play off game. But things ultimately fell apart for him and he left the league. Now he’s turned to his other passion, baseball, and is attempting to get a career in professional baseball going at 29 years old.

While many laughed at the idea and told him to give up and accept that he wasn’t going to make it as a professional athlete, Tim Tebow is the one laughing now. He signed with the Mets, and yesterday he played his first ever game in the minor leagues. At his first at-bat in his professional career, Tebow smacked one out of the park.

Love him or hate him, it’s impossible to deny that Tebow is a physically impressive dude.

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